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At Arup our best work in the built environment has always been at the intersection of emerging technology and designing for the human experience.


Increasingly transport outcomes are defined by the complex interplay of factors in long-chain corridors with a mix of simple and multimodal nodes. Our software, analytics and visualisation tools provide data-driven insight into project performance from both quantitative and qualitative data. We help clients manage risk and maximise opportunity across asset life-cycles, to deliver sustainable, high-value mobility systems.

In every transport project we start with the value our client seeks to create, then work backwards integrating the considered application of digital technology to best deliver the desired outcomes.

Sian Elliott
Senior Data Consultant

Arup’s global expertise in engineering, design and operational performance makes us the perfect partner to successfully deliver transport projects of any size. We know that any contemporary transport system needs to respond adaptively to increased demand for capacity, quality and passenger experience.


Our digital expertise is combined with integrated urban design and planning disciplines to co-design great city outcomes enabled by digital. We help city leaders to discover and realise city visions that harness technology to create more attractive, sustainable places for citizens and businesses.

The great cities of the future are being designed today, in service of timeless human needs – liveability, productivity, sustainability. Strategic digital enablement is critical.

Ben Cooper-Woolley
Head of Digital Advisory Australasia

Our deep understanding of how people use city services and located amenities, how people move in transport corridors to places they work in, to places they love, is the foundation of city innovations for city planners and decision makers.

Property, Precincts and Campuses

Offices, museums, libraries, shopping centres, university campuses all call for a comprehensive and unique understanding of building structures, services and digital systems to design efficient, adaptive, unique places. Our human-centred approach creates those distinctive, differentiated places in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

Creating great places is an ongoing design process, best done when it includes the very people using these places. This in turn creates more adaptable and responsive buildings and precincts.

Nicola Hudson
Senior Designer

As a trusted partner in commercial property, Arup as helped redefine expectations of high-quality urban living and city working environments. Our thinking is at the forefront in response to the changing aspirations and challenges of developers, owners and occupants.