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Sydney, Australia
Local Housing Toolkit

Arup worked with the NSW Department of Planning & Environment Housing Policy team to build a technical methodology and online toolkit to assist councils across NSW develop their local housing strategies.

Housing affordability is a key issue facing most of the population of Sydney, and the capacity of the fragmented Local Government Authorities to develop strategy and policy to meet this demand is diverse. To communicate the levers of the planning system that councils can use to deliver housing, Arup are created an interactive platform that provides visualisation and access to both the evidence-base, and a range of scenario testing and modelling tools.

Our evidence-based scenario modelling tool helps local governments to plan housing across Sydney.

Sian Elliott
Senior Data Consultant
Demographics & zoning

Users are able to understand the historical and projected demographics related to the supply of housing in their area and manipulate planning controls to see the impact on potential housing that could be delivered. Analysis was undertaken within the platform to help LGAs understand how each zoning typology was performing in relation to housing delivery in their local area, and rezoning can be tested at the mesh block level to assess how much additional housing could be delivered by rezoning specific lots.

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Sian Elliott
Senior Data Consultant - Sydney
Liam Hanrahan
Developer - Sydney
Trent Tam
Data Consultant - Sydney
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