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Sydney, Australia
Quay Quarter Sydney

As lines between work and life blur, AMP Capital’s Quay Quarter Sydney precinct renewal will create a vibrant destination with bustling retail, activated streets and laneways together with easy access to four modes of transport.

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Quay Quarter Sydney is a precinct worthy of a place alongside the world’s most famous harbour.

Ben Cooper-Woolley
Head of Digital Advisory Australasia
Building service design

Quay Quarter Sydney will be an experience-rich environment for people, enabled by digital technologies. We are guiding AMP Capital through the service design process, identifying a broad range of experiences that different users might desire, including tenant organisations, their staff and visitors.

Arup’s Design approach has explored with AMPC and a wide range of current and future stakeholders the experiences, services and interactions of the QQS precinct from when it opens in 2019 into the future. This human centered approach to technology strategy and design has ensured that QQS is built upon a scalable, sustainable technology infrastructure.

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Nicola Hudson
Senior Designer - Sydney
Ben Cooper-Woolley
Head of Digital Advisory Australasia - Sydney
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