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Sydney, Australia
Sydney Coordination Office Spatial Tool

Realising that as the flagship CBD and South East Light Rail project is just one of a number of significant developments occurring in Sydney over the next 5 years Transport for New South Wales are working with Arup to better understand and manage the planning and delivery of these projects. By developing a technology platform that can aggregate, analyse and visualise data from a range of sources (including open land use data, smart card data and program delivery schedules) the relationship and interfaces between projects can be understood and managed.

City spatial data has a special role to play in the co-ordination of major capital works.

Trent Tam
Data Consultant
Standardised approach

By developing a standardised approach to data management and governance with TfNSW, the tool combines a data rich program file with a clean visual interface that allows the relationship between projects to be communicated and managed effectively by the SCO teams. The tool was originally built for the Sydney CBD but due to its positive impact and reception, it has been expanded to the Parramatta and Macquarie Park regions, with more on the way. The spatial tool has brought significant operational efficiency to the team and reduced potentially devastating disruption for the people of Sydney. Developed for TfNSW Coordination Office team the platform is now part of their daily operations, enabling them to undertake scenario testing and forward works planning in a much more informed and efficient manner. The Arup team are called upon when additional innovative interface and analysis requirements are highlighted as the requirements of the office evolve. This approach has led to a coordinated approach to project planning not only across Government but with private developers who see the benefit in collaborative planning at the city scale.

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Trent Tam
Data Consultant - Sydney
Sam Diamond
Designer - Sydney
Ben Cooper-Woolley
Head of Digital Advisory Australasia - Sydney
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