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Sydney, Australia
30 Minute City

Policy-makers in Sydney are exploring how the concept of the '30 minute city' can help to reduce the amount of time people need to travel and increase the number of opportunities for everyone. This requires an understanding of what the ‘30 minute city’ could mean for Sydney. To assist, Arup has brought together city scale datasets to understand the number of jobs, residents, universities and hospitals that can be accessed within a 30 minute trip departing from any location in Sydney. The information has been compiled into a model that calculates travel time based on various modes of transport including walking, cycling, public transport and driving.

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Policymakers now have the valuable insights to shape the quality of access in Sydney.

Sian Elliott
Senior Data Consultant
Who worked on this
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Ben Cooper-Woolley
Head of Digital Advisory Australasia - Sydney
Trent Tam
Data Consultant - Sydney
Liam Hanrahan
Developer - Sydney
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